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 Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

E pili mau na po maika`i ia `oe

May Blessings ever be with you!

LomiLomi is the Hawaiian way to approach the Body, Mind and Heart. LomiLomi is an ancient healing system of bodywork that was created by the Kahuna's of Hawaii. LomiLomi utilizes flowing and interconnected techniques that are coupled with sacred movement, pule (Hawaiian prayer) and inspirational and dynamic music in a ceremonial setting. 

Tandem, or "Double" LomiLomi, is done with two massage therapists.

The LomiLomi Experience

This bodywork is transformational and heart opening. This is also a shamanic and ceremonial session. Hawaiian Temple Bodywork goes beyond that of a regular "Massage". This is NOT a Spa service or a generalized massage session. True and authentic LomiLomi practitioners see everyone who comes to them for therapy as a beloved member of their family and as a child and treats them as such with the utmost reverence and respect. In doing this we create and facilitate a safe and trusting space so that you can feel safe and literally be honored. This will be one of the best experiences you will ever have with getting on a massage table and receiving bodywork. This work is about YOU and your being in all aspects. What Lomilomi is not is a sexualized experience nor does the messaging in anything that I personally do as a Shamanic practitioner in any way a sexual service. Lomilomi was never intended as such and will never be endorsed or condoned by myself. 


Hawaiian Temple Bodywork seeks to help open your heartspace to the beautiful being that you are. This work help bring you into alignment(pono) with your Mind,Body and Heart/Spirit, and can be a wonderful adjunct support system to psychotherapy that you may be undergoing for trauma(I am trauma informed and work with psychotherapists who send me their clients to receive this work if they feel it is appropriate and conducive to their healing process(and it almost always IS).

Tandem LomiLomi uses fluid motions.

Lomilomi is a complete bodywork experience.

Your LomiLomi Session

LomiLomi can be done with one (solo) or two (tandem) practitioners working on one person. Although having a tandem LomiLomi can be a wonderful experience, having an experienced practitioner working on you solo can be just as wonderful and powerful. Tandems can be arranged for you if you choose.

"In the process of working with individuals to help them heal,

establish safe and clear boundaries."


Each LomiLomi session comes with an initial consultation so that we can establish a trusting and safe rapport with one another. It is of the utmost importance that you feel safe during this whole experience you are about to recieve. It is also important that we both establish clear intent as to what we are wishing to gain from this experience.  Although massage therapy can be intimate and sometimes feel sensual, that in no way, shape, or form is this sexual or should be construed as such.


The experience you are receiving is coming from a Shamanic Heart and a passionate heart. This is the real deal. My teachings have come from conservative, Spiritual Native and Non-Native people who have always imparted to me the importance of safe and clear boundaries.


Remember that you are seen as family and you will be treated with respect, love, and kindness. All draping needs are honored and respected.

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