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 The cultural practice of Lomilomi is complex and can be complicated for those who are not native Hawaiian. As one who is clearly not native Hawaiian,but who practices and facilitates this work, I walk a fine line of authenticity and the synthesis,meaning that,I bring a certain characteristic and spirit to this work that is not Hawaiian,but that the soul root and essence of this work IS  Hawaiian. It is not my intention to claim anything or take ownership of a spirituality and a religious practice that is not inherently in my own heritage,and I am certainly not here to offend anyone,its up to the individual to make the choice to be offended by what I do or to get to know who it is that I am so that communication and dialogue can be established so that the intent is clear(thats for all the Natives out there who may raise an eyebrow to me). I feel like there is an evolution of this work and also a spectrum and lens with which to view it. Abraham Kawaii,who created Temple Style Lomilomi, evolved this work to fit the Western mindset that might not be totally embodied in spirit and how that spirit connects to body,and land and mind and the whole enchilada of experience in ALL things tangible and mystery. The spirit of lomilomi has its roots with the Kupuna(elders,ancestors) and how they touched life and also how they "prayed" for the healing to occur. On a physical level the work does what any other bodywork does,in my view there is not a separation of how lomilomi affects the physical body and how Rolfing affects the body and the mind that powers it. There IS a mystery at work here and that will always remain as such. My own personal Kupuna(ancestors) comes through the work and its not Hawaiian but I honor the Hawaiians by learning Oli(chant) and Pule(prayer) and saying it,as best I can to honor that aspect of the work as I work in the lomilomi way, and the rest is me,and the rest is the mystery. That's all for now. I will share more as it compels me when it comes to me. Thank you,JB. 

Writings for 2024(coming soon!) I decided to erase the writings for 2020 and up to this point as they are outdated and irrelevant to today. Time to move forward. I will have more writing soon! I am also in the process of writing a book about the Ceremonial and Ritual aspects of Bodywork(focusing on the Shamanic process and how that can help people who are in therapy for trauma and PTSD etc). 

MAY 8th 2024

(Balance and Practicality in all things energetic and "Shamanic"). There has been a recurring mantra that has been told to me by  people,both indigenous and non, who were on that good healers path that I have met over the years. This mantra is actually a couple of important questions and they are, "What is the practical application of what you are facilitating for the world?" The second question is, "If you cannot practically apply this healing work that travels in the realm of spirit and energy then what real use is it?" I have asked myself these questions for years and the answers to these questions have molded and shaped the work that I do. I would pose these questions to anyone practicing Shamanic work and healing work that is more alternative to say the traditional western healing traditions rooted in Science and applied theory. Those realms are very important and they can help explain or "justify" the energetic/shamanic work by helping to cross the left and right brain bridge of experience and creativity and analytical thought. We can galvanize this idea of the realm of spirit and energy and how that resonates in our body and mind with how our mind also interprets and analyzes and tests theories to their solid or forgone conclusions. Theories change when we question/test them properly and have our support system of other minds to help. It can be the same with energy work and Shamanic work ,but in the practical sense we are working with the mind and its perceptions. For me the practical application is in how it helps people to feel connected to and aligned with the environment around them and how they feel connected into themselves.

In my humble opinion, if you are so bound to tradition and dogma and your mind only stays within the realm of magical thinking,you will run into an impasse with the world because you,in fact,live in a very tangible and physical world and yet there are unseen things out there. Scientifically we have been able to discover ie: the atom,molecules,tiny microscopic organisms etc etc. But the "unseen" and "mystery" of say how you perceive God or Spirit or "energy work" in the body and spirits and angels and things of that nature rest solely in the mind and its "perception through feeling" those things. Tradition can be a beautiful thing,it gives us identity and a sense of where we came from and who we are and where we might be going. Tradition can also be a prison and a mind manipulation that will tell you that one thing is true,yet by all accounts and reality it is clearly not,yet we start to believe it as reality,that can have a damaging effect if those traditions are utilized to manipulate a vulnerable mind,a depressed mind,a confused and troubled mind. Which brings me back to the initial question of "What is the practical application of what you are facilitating for the world?" I would pose this question as well,"Is what you are doing truly helping people or is it just helping yourself,is there an agenda at work here that only seeks to get that from people which you feel you need or want from them ie: money and things material? Sure we all need to make a living in this modern society,but at what real cost to your conscience and your heart?" "Is what I am doing helping my family in a good way? is what I am doing helping the world in a good way? Is it good for my community? If it truly is so then so shall it be.

May 10th 2024 (Balance and Practicality in all things energetic & Shamanic CONT.)

 So let's get into the specifics of the Practicality of what I do with Hawaiian Temple bodywork. For years I have been aware of the mind,body,heart connection,however, I was not an actual witness to how all these aspects of our being work in synergy with one another until I started learning massage. My first witnessing of this phenomena  was when I was first in massage school back in 1994. We were practicing some hands on applied work on one another and we decided to get into groups of three and do tandem work(two people working on one person) with some real basic techniques). Me and another individual were doing some deeper work parallel to the 3rd person's spine. After a few minutes of working the individual started to cry uncontrollably and regressed into a kind of child like state,but in a very intense and erratic way,by that I mean they were crying and shaking on the table and then proceeding to shift their body into a fetal position and just kept on sobbing. Needless to say that myself and the other student in the class were freaked out and confused."What had we done? Had we injured this person?  The instructor came over and helped this person off the table and escorted them outside and at that time class was over. The next day the instructor informed us that this student dropped the program and would not be coming back. They proceeded to explain to me and the other student that I was partnered with what had happened. What was explained to us was an emotional release and trigger,of sorts, when we were working on them and they had repressed memories flood back into their mind of when they were sexually abused by a family member and that they could not deal with that sudden trigger and flood of repressed memories. This literally blew my mind and also opened my eyes to the power of touch and what it is capable of facilitating with people. It would not be until almost 14yrs later that I would again experience this type of emotional release myself,but not in the same context,but with Hawaiian Temple Bodywork and how sometimes these cathartic processes are facilitated within a person's psyche and body. Trust me that this is NOT an intentional process,it just sometimes happens and I felt as though,then and now that I had to be very aware of this process within people and be able to know how to mindfully deal with it and also how I could affect a positive outcome with clients,rather than they be left to deal with these emotional triggers and releases that could be more intense than they were expecting. The practicality of the Shamanic work that I do dips its feet into the realm of Somatic Experiencing and mindful body centered psychotherapy and working with those therapists, as an adjunct support system , who treat those individuals who are seeking out therapy for traumas such as PTSD from abuse both sexually,physically etc. The mindful blending of these two realms with a base knowledge of psychological processes from the Western and sometimes eastern mindset, coupled with that of the Ceremony and Ritual found in shamanism,can be a powerful tool,when used mindfully, to help a person become as aligned with their mind and body and spirit(however they identify that) as they can be for robust mental health and positive well being. 




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