Hawaiian Temple Bodywork(Lomilomi)


Solo LomiLomi - $175 

Tandem LomiLomi - $300 (Tandems are not available at this time)

Approx. 2 ½- 3hrs.(depending on time spent before and after the session)


A sacred journey into the realm of Hawaiian healing through a ceremonial stylized massage session with interconnected techniques, deep connection and presence to your total self, and a style of nurturing touch that very few ever get to experience in our modern world. This will be a transformational and special experience that rivals the massage modalities out there.


*Initial consultation included to establish trust, boundaries and session goals.

Therapeutic Immersions Sessions: $100 for 90 mins or $135 for 120mins. $175 for 180mins(3hr) 

This is my signature style of bodywork. A culminated array of techniques that  I have learned and taught for almost 30yrs. I decided that breaking down and separating out certain services and techniques did not do justice to the work that I do. Most Therapeutic bodyworkers are "integrated" in their approach and "Therapeutic Immersions" is just that. utilizing techniques ranging from structural Integration,Deep Myofascial release,active and passive release therapy,swedish, Trigger point, Still point therapy that I call "The Drift",and lomilomi. I utilize what I need in the moment and based on what YOU tell me you are needing to focus on I adapt to that. I also utilize the music of Steve Roach and artists that have collaborated with Steve,as he is a friend and an electronic Shaman of soundscapes and environments that are perfect for massage and bodywork and delving into deeper states of consciousness(not your typical piped in canned music at spas or on "New age" playlists). I wanted to give a feeling of total immersion and a journey type of session,similar to that of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork,but not as dynamic. This bodywork is just as effective as if you were at a Physical therapists office getting rehabilitation,but I work longer. Remember also that these sessions can be adapted to what you are needing.