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Hawaiian Temple Bodywork(Lomilomi)


Solo LomiLomi - $175 

Tandem LomiLomi - $300 (Tandems are not available at this time)

Approx. 2 ½- 3hrs.(depending on time spent before and after the session)


A sacred journey into the realm of Hawaiian healing through a ceremonial stylized massage session with interconnected techniques, deep connection and presence to your total self, and a style of nurturing touch that very few ever get to experience in our modern world. This will be a transformational and special experience that rivals the massage modalities out there.


*Initial consultation included to establish trust, boundaries and session goals.

I have officially retired from doing the regular bodywork that I have been doing for 30yrs and am now focused on Hawaiian Temple Bodywork sessions. This is what my passion is focused on and how I can best help and serve my community. 

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