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Thoughtful Comments

All testimonials are used with permission by the individuals featured here.

"Jason has a powerful way of connecting with you as a person in order to heal your body. His bodywork is a combination of beauty, caring, energy and aloha. He is an amazing teacher, mentor and body worker. I would never go anywhere else to learn or to get bodywork! Thanks Jason for everything you have done for me mentally, physically, and spiritually."


Cat McKormick, LMT

Austin, TX

"When I came to Jason, I was desperately seeking relief from pain radiating from my shoulder down into my hand. I had been to a family doctor. For months, I had worn a brace, applied ice and taken medication. Then I went to an orthopedic surgeon and a neurologist. Despite all their help, I could barely use my right hand. I had no strength, no grip and nearly constant pain. The next step was surgery and even then no reassurance of a pain-free outcome.
"Jason consulted with me at length both in writing and verbally. He told me what to expect. Once the session started it was simultaneously intense and very relaxing. I was sore for about three days afterwards but on the fourth day, I awoke and was completely pain free with full strength and motion restored to my right hand. Jason is a true healer and a leader in his art. He blends compassion with technique and guides his patients toward their own path of wellness."
Shaun Castillo
Business Analyst at IT
Houston, TX

"I am fully aware and openly admit that I am a picky person when it comes to choosing massage therapists. Massage for me is a medical necessity. For nearly 20 years and literally 100 plus therapists (some of them accounted to business travel) I have had the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Jason is in the best of the best category. He is respectful and demonstrates this by listening to concerns and asking questions to gain insight into the problem versus assuming that everybody's muscle structure is the same.


"I have never been injured by him. Yes, it has happened before where I lost all range of motion after a massage. He is intuitive and listens to where the body calls him to work. He is thorough in his technique. I also appreciate that Jason continues to learn and takes pride in his perfecting his art. I feel safe with him in every aspect. His studio is in comfortable environment with meditative music. I highly recommend Jason for body work. I think you will value him as much as I do."


Mia Winnicki

Psychotherapist,Wimberely TX.

"This 3-day workshop is amazing! I truly love that this Sacred Temple style of LomiLomi massage is being taught here in Texas. Jason teaches with such authenticity. As a Native Hawaiian myself, it was comforting to see Jason weave in these heart-centered concepts of my Hawaiian culture into the training. This was the first time I learned to offer, and receive, bodywork in tandem. I appreciated the connection that comes from honoring your tandem partner as well as the client. Jason created an environment of deep trust for all involved and helped me remember why I love the healing arts. My clients love receiving Lomilomi and are extremely happy I can share this style of bodywork with them. If you are looking to add to your toolbox, I highly recommend this training. It is a true representation of "Aloha Spirit." Charlene Kanani Thompson (Yoga Teacher/Owner of Loka Studios in San Antonio,TX) 

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